Franchise System Support

What is Franchise System Support?

The Franchise System Support Package is a broad suite of support services provided by Tereza Murray Franchising exclusively for our clients. Transitioning to a franchise model can be a daunting undertaking that will continue to deliver challenges, rewards and teachings for many years to come.

To support our clients as much as possible with a smooth transition, our FSS provides many of the different types of support we know you will require as you settle in to the changes within your business model. You will have ongoing access to a range of different services, from manual updates through to the active management of your franchise recruitment function. 

Our experienced team have been in your shoes and have the practical understanding of what is required in operating a franchise business across administration, compliance, operations and recruitment.

Investment: Monthly subscription $95.00 +gst per month

  • Franchisee recruitment: Management of your recruitment process from handling enquiries, interviews, profiling, qualifying and introductions 
  • Branded 'franchise opportunity' landing page that can be added to your website menu
  • Ongoing updates and preparation of the Disclosure Document for each prospective franchisee
  • Ongoing Manual updates and amendments as legislation and laws change
  • Ongoing advice and support as needed
  • Territory mapping
  • Industry updates and news

Further information on each area of support is provided below.

Franchisee Recruitment


Franchisee recruitment support connects our clients with fully profiled, background checked, qualified and motivated franchise prospects. We understand how time consuming and daunting the process of finding the right people to buy your franchises and represent your brand can be. Our team has many years of experience in doing just that and are pleased to offer our services to ensure your franchise network has the best opportunity to grow with the right people looking after your customers.

Enquiry Management

All enquiries received, either through your website or the First Franchise website listing are followed up quickly by one of our friendly team to ensure the potential franchisee speaks to someone while they are engaged and excited about taking the next step. This is a crucial component in a successful franchise sales process. Any enquiries you receive directly can be forwarded to our team to begin the qualifying process. We will only discuss your franchise with these direct applicants.

Franchisee Profiling

Potential franchisees are profiled through a comprehensive interview and fact-finding session to enable us to understand a number of factors that relate to franchisee suitability. We cover such topics as:

  • Family life and support structure
  • Employment history
  • Skills and practical abilities
  • Hobbies and interests
  • The type of work they enjoy 
  • How much time a week they have to commit to the business 
  • The amount of capital they can access to purchase a business, as well as working capital 

Candidate Screening

  • Internet and social media search
  • Previous employer reference checks
  • Character references
  • Business reference checks if previously self-employed 
  • *Credit check 
  • *Police check 
  • *Bankruptcy checks

*Optional and an additional fee will be incurred

Facilitating an Introduction

Once the profiling and qualifying process is completed, and our team believe the candidate may be a good fit with your brand, we will provide you with the candidates file which consists of the relevant information we have collected throughout the process, as well as extensive notes taken from the interviews we have conducted. 

Once you have reviewed the information provided, and if you think they may be a good fit with your brand, then we will arrange for you to meet in person or via Zoom with our team member in attendance to provide an introduction.

Branded Franchise Opportunities Landing Page


We can provide you with a branded landing page promoting your franchises which includes a URL that can be added to your own website Menu tab, so when visitors click on your menu item Franchise Opportunities, a ‘clean version’ of the landing page without First Franchise branding or links opens as part of your website. All enquiries received will come directly to our team to manage from there on your behalf. We will provide you with regular updates of enquiries and progress.

General features of the landing page include;

  • General introduction to your business including a brief franchisor bio and ideal franchisee profile
  • Key selling points of your franchise opportunity are highlighted
  • Available territories
  • ‘Investment from’ information
  • A downloadable version of your Prospectus 1 document
  • A tailored Expression Of Interest form that obtains the information about each candidate that is important to you
  • A Book a Call button
  • Share Links to social media pages

Other Support

Disclosure Document Updates

The disclosure document will require regular updating to ensure all information provided to prospective franchisees is true and accurate at the time it is given.

Manual Updates & Changes

As your systems and processes evolve and improve with changes to your business, industry or legislation, your operating manuals will require sectional updates.

Advice & Support

Our team have extensive experience managing franchises and franchisees, and can provide you with general advice and support across day-to-day operations and compliance.

Territory Mapping

Ongoing territory mapping utilising a sophisticated software application provides reassurance to both you and the franchisee that the territory they are getting can support their franchise.

Prospectus Design & Development

These custom brochures are stylish and provide engaging and informative information about your franchise opportunity. Each brochure is designed to deliver strategic information at different stages of the recruitment process and are created by our Graphic Designer.

2 x Prospectus Brochures $200.00 +gst (non-subscribers $420.00 +gst)

Success Fee

A fixed success fee is payable on each franchise sale when the recruitment process has been managed by our team.

$3,500.00 +gst