CorAlliance™ Model

The CorAlliance™ model represents a modern iteration of the franchise model, specifically designed to address, rectify and eliminate the perceived disparities and more contentious elements within the traditional franchise model while still delivering the significant benefits and outcomes for both parties that have made franchising so successful.

The CorAlliance™ Model combines elements of a franchise and cooperative model that foster long-term partnerships built on collaboration and shared objectives and advantages. CorAlliance™ Partners have more opportunities to influence key business decisions and feel more secure in their investment, which adds to the appeal of this model.

Owner control model comparison

Owner Benefits

Invested operators
Ability to target national contracts
Reduced monitoring and compliance burden
Less legal compliance and complexity
Ethical and value-driven model
Growth funded by CorAlliance™ Partners
Increased brand exposure
Improved customer experience
Simpler fee structure – less monitoring and reporting requirement
Long term sustainability
Attractive to individuals seeking an alternative to a franchise.

Alliance Partner benefits

Ownership and more control
Brand strength
Risk sharing
Access to markets
Long-term focus
Education and training
Ethical and values-driven business
Democratic decision-making
Access to resources and intellectual property
CorAlliance™ community support

CorAlliance™ Partner Profile

Individuals seeking self-employment or business opportunities.
Existing business operators wanting to access support, buying power and brand strength.

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