Prepare Your Business For Growth

Ensure your business presents a compelling value proposition, whether you are planning for growth, an exit strategy, or attracting investment. We offer a range of relevant, focused support options to assist business owners with the necessary building blocks to support long-term success and growth.

Brand or Bland?

You’ve built a successful business, created consistent demand for your product or service, and have a loyal customer base that is growing, but your visual representation has not kept up with the growth of your business and is not a strong representation of your brand? We can help.

Franchise Deliverables Deep Dive

Considering Franchising and want to understand in more detail the potential financial outcomes of franchising when applied to your business model? Our comprehensive Franchise Feasibility Assessment will provide a more in-depth understanding of franchise fees and ranges for your business, financial projections, potential territories and more.

To Be Franchise Ready, You Need...

Demand for your product or service
A profitable business model
Established systems and processes
Strong brand identity and assets
Suitable company structure
Intellectual Property protection

Our Growth Preparation Packages

Brand power-up

This package will bring your brand identity in line with your model strength. Before you embark on any growth strategy, whether franchising or another model, ensuring your brand has a distinctive public presentation is crucial.

Branding Package

  • Brand Name
  • Standard Website (five pages, including copywriting)
  • Logo development or upgrade
  • Email signatures
  • Copywriting
  • Trademarking

Franchise Feasibility

We'll conduct a deep dive into the details to determine potential outcomes taking into account factors such as your business's financial performance, competitor benchmarking, and current market tolerance.

Fee modelling

  • Establishment and ongoing fees
  • Income statement
  • Cashflow statement

Territory modelling - Years 1, 2 and 3 + total territories

Competitor analysis

Franchisee profiling

Market Insights

Franchise preparation checklist

Intellectual Property Audit

Trademarks and trade names contribute to brand recognition and reputation, which can significantly impact a business's value. A strong brand built on intellectual property can command customer loyalty, trust, and higher prices, leading to increased value. Ensure your business presents a compelling value proposition, whether you are planning for growth, an exit strategy, or attracting investment.

We can assist you with the following;

  • IP audit and identification
  • Deed of assignment
  • Company structure and IP protection

Planning for growth, an exit strategy, or attracting investment? We can help.

Book a free 40-minute video consultation with our team to discuss your business's current offerings and areas you would like support with.

Do You Know Your Businesses Value Proposition?

Many business owners don't fully understand what makes their business special and how they have succeeded in their market. A well-defined value proposition helps Franchise Partners or potential investors know why they should choose to partner with you and will serve as the foundation for marketing, sales, and overall business strategy. 

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