How To Franchise Your Business

For too long, franchising has been a growth model affordable only to large companies; our philosophy is to lower this barrier for small businesses, allowing them to benefit from the many advantages a franchise model delivers.

Development package

We provide a market-ready development package to suit your current business resources and capability. Whether you require just the standard documentation or a market-ready solution, we can accommodate your budget and requirements. You won't find a more competitive or comprehensive franchise development solution on the market.

Our process

Our development process and deliverables are world-class. Your documentation will be comprehensive, tailored and fit for purpose. We work with the best legal teams to build robust legal structures and ensure you can manage compliance and protect your brand.

When you work with us, there are no hidden costs, and our development package comes with interest-free payment options, making franchising accessible and affordable for small businesses.

To find out more about our development fee and what we offer, complete our Free Feasibility Assessment or schedule a call with Tereza to discuss your business.

Who we are

When you choose to partner with us, you will work alongside a team that has experienced the same challenges you will encounter in your journey from an independent business owner and employer to a franchisor. As well as many years of successful franchise system development experience, our team has practical, hands-on knowledge from working in or managing franchise systems.

Hands in a pile

Our clients are

Small business owners
Individual operators
Start-ups at the concept stage
Established businesses wanting to move away from an employee model
Businesses that require a franchise model for a specific area of their operations
Established franchises requiring document refresh
franchise process

How we work

Our simple and effective approach to developing your franchise system is to ensure we fully understand your unique operating systems and identify all practical responsibilities and tasks that your franchisees will need to undertake in their franchise operation. We will guide you on structure and compliance matters, but ultimately you decide on the overall set-up.

Our team writes and prepares your comprehensive operating manuals in-house, ensuring all business operations are tailored and represented accurately. In other words, we do all the work.

Our nine step development process

Operations Discovery

  • Corporate structure
  • Franchisee profiling
  • Operational analysis
  • Franchisee compliance
  • Head Office support analysis
  • Develop key operations manuals

Procedures Discovery

  • Analyse and record key administration and operational processes
  • Develop key franchise policies and procedures

Fee Modelling

  • Explore various franchise fee options
  • Set franchise fee structure
  • Financial modelling
  • Create a business simulator

Legal Documents

  • Finalise details of the legal structure
  • Franchise agreement prepared
  • Disclosure document prepared
  • Non-Disclosure document prepared

Territory Modelling

  • Territory modelling identifies the parameters of a sustainable territory
  • Territory mapping software used to create your first two territories

Marketing, Coaching & Launch

  • Brand and fitout guide
  • Growth objectives analysis
  • Launch marketing recommendations
  • Franchise prospectus
  • Franchise recruitment workshop

Franchise recruitment workshop

  • Enquiry management
  • Systems preparation
  • Recruitment process
  • Timing of documents
  • Execution and onboarding

Recruitment Guidance & Support

  • Assistance with the provision of information and documents
  • Feedback sessions following prospective franchisee meetings

Onboarding & Training

  • Preparation
  • Onboarding checklist
  • Granting manual access
  • Administration & systems training
  • Field training