CorAlliance™ Model

the franchise alternative

The CorAlliance™ model represents a modern iteration of the franchise model, specifically designed to address the current market and eliminate the less popular elements within the franchise model while still delivering the significant benefits and outcomes for both parties that have made franchising so successful.

The CorAlliance™ Model combines elements of a franchise and cooperative model that foster long-term partnerships built on collaboration and shared objectives and advantages. Alliance Members have more opportunities to influence key business decisions and feel more secure in their investment, which adds to the appeal of this model.

Alliance Principal (owner) Benefits

Invested, motivated operators growing your brand.
Growth funded by Members.
Rapid expansion.
Point of difference to franchises.
Relatively lower risk and expense compared to hiring more employees.
Improved customer experience.
Ongoing royalty payments.
Collective buying power.
Off the tools and focus on supporting Members, recruitment and innovation.
Promotes a collaborative and cohesive business community.
Attractive to individuals seeking an alternative to a franchise.

Alliance Member Benefits

Full training and branch set-up support.
Alliance Principal provides ongoing support and mentorship.
Proven model and systems.
Brand strength.
Ongoing innovation and improvement.
Alliance community support and camaraderie.
Supplier management and collective buying power.
Reduced reporting requirement.
Greater investment security compared to a franchise.
Voting rights and ability to influence key operational decisions.
No minimum performance criteria.
More operational control compared to a franchise.

Alliance Member Profile

Individuals seeking self-employment or business opportunities.
Existing business operators wanting to access support, buying power and brand strength.