Angie Flemming

Angie Flemming

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A Wealth of Experience

Angie is a business entrepreneur who, over the past 25 years, founded and developed businesses in the private sector within the property industry before venturing into the world of franchising.

Angie brings with her the practical knowledge and expertise only someone who has experience within a franchise system at a head office, strategic level can. Having owned a master franchise along with her husband Rod, they launched two national franchise networks in Australia before returning home to NZ.  

During her career Angie has held senior management roles including General Manager for an international franchise brand. Angie facilitated the launch of over 30 new services within the 4000 strong franchise network, developed international training programs and mentored many SMEs to success in their own businesses. 

Developing brands in other countries has kept Angie pretty busy, then combine that with having a family and overcoming cancer and you start to understand the passion and drive she has towards her clients success. This along with her knowledge and experience within the franchise industry means she can help you take your business to the next level through franchising.

“Franchising provided us leverage in our businesses (without employee obligations), whilst contributing to the success of others by owning their own small businesses. It’s a win-win scenario.” - Angie