Client Support Services

After the development phase is finished, clients can access practical advice and assistance as they embark on expanding their Franchisee, Licensee, and CorAlliance™ Partner networks. Our team possesses practical expertise in fostering and overseeing partner networks, providing assistance and counsel in various aspects to facilitate a seamless transition. We are committed to forming a lasting partnership with you.

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Franchise Disclosure Document Updates

Franchise disclosure documents should be updated annually to ensure the information is up-to-date and accurate. Our team can assist with this.

Franchise Manuals

Franchise Manual Reviews and Updating

Franchise operations manuals are living documents and require regular updating and reviews to ensure they are current and relevant to franchise operations. Our team are experienced systems developers and document writers who can assist with document reviews and updates.

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Partner Network Systems Support

We provide general ongoing advice and guidance to our clients across administration, reporting, and operational management to facilitate a smooth transition.

Want ongoing business advisory?

Enquire about our subscription-based business advisory support network, which gives you access to a select team of business specialists across legal, finance, human resources and operations.

Meet monthly with our team of specialists to discuss your current business challenges and receive valuable insights to enhance your business significantly. By combining personalised business coaching and access to a range of strategic resources and workshops, our members have the opportunity to grow, improve and thrive in their business environment.

The monthly subscription includes:

Regular monthly strategy and support meetings

Ad-hoc support from our specialists

Access to exclusive member-only reduced rates for additional support

Coaching workshops on different key topics;

  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Recruitment
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Franchisee/employee performance
  • Growth strategy and execution

Strategic Planning

Head Office Structuring

The size of the network can greatly influence the structure of the head office. Smaller systems may have fewer departments and roles, while larger franchises may have departments dedicated to specific areas such as leasing, supply chain management, marketing and human resources. Our team can provide pragmatic, experienced-based guidance in this area, ensuring you are not adding unnecessary complexity and overhead.

Partner Training and Onboarding

Providing your Franchisee, License or Alliance Partner with a comprehensive training and induction process will help set them up for a successful launch. We can assist with the planning and execution of this crucial process, including brand standards, operations, policies, and procedures.

Annual Systems Audits

Our team can work with you to review your systems and processes on an annual basis to assess the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of various operational systems critical to the business.

The audit aims to identify improvement areas, address existing issues, and ensure that the business's systems align with its strategic objectives. Providing an opportunity to evaluate the performance of technology infrastructure, software applications, data management, security measures, and overall operational efficiency.

Promotion on

We actively promote our client's Franchise, License or Alliance Partner opportunities through our First Franchise website and social media.

We commissioned the build of the First Franchise website in March 2020 to promote our client’s franchises in the market. The site traffic has grown steadily through ongoing search marketing, digital, social and SEO. Leads and enquiries are sent directly to our clients or handled by our franchise recruitment experts on our client’s behalf.


Network Management Software

Our Fluid software provides a branded cloud-based environment for clients to manage information relating to day-to-day operations with all relevant policies, processes, reporting and information stored within one secure environment, preventing IP leakage and process corruption, along with many other system-specific features.

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Territory Mapping

We utilise sophisticated mapping software designed specifically for franchises, producing meaningful data for New Zealand's population demographics. Along with initial territory modelling, we can provide ongoing territory mapping to guide you on sustainable geographical locations for your partner network.

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Franchise Marketing

We can work alongside your marketing team and guide them on your Franchise, License or Alliance Partner value proposition to create compelling digital marketing strategies that reach your target audience. Don’t have an agency? We can introduce you to our digital marketing strategic partners. Sorted.

Discover how we can support your growth objectives

To find out more about our growth model options and what we offer, complete our Franchise Ready Free Assessment or schedule a call with Tereza to discuss your business.