License Model

A license model is suitable for businesses that have developed proprietary software or intellectual property (IP) that delivers a commercial advantage and is able to be integrated into other businesses and locations. To attract licensees, you will need to be able to demonstrate clear commercial benefits that would be difficult or expensive for them to develop themselves. If you want to license your brand, you must have established substantial brand equity within your industry and market that would provide commercial opportunities to the licensee on its strength alone.

Licensor Benefits

Revenue generation
Semi-passive income
Market expansion
Risk mitigation
Industry diversification
Increased brand exposure
Minimal resource burden

Licensee Benefits

Access to intellectual property
Reduced Risk
Cost saving in development costs
Market expansion
Time to market advantage
Access to expertise
Risk mitigation
Branding opportunities
Innovation support

Licensee Profile

Businesses wanting to improve their market offering
Businesses wanting to diversify their product or service range
Business consultants wholesaling to clients
Startups wanting to avoid the high upfront costs associated with creating or acquiring intellectual property

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