Once the franchise system is developed and you are franchise ready, how do you transition to the franchise model?

Because we work with many service-based clients, a question that comes up regularly is how I transition my business to the franchise model without giving up all of my income, which is a valid question.

There are several ways to do that in a staged manner where you're not giving up all of your income and putting yourself under financial strain. While the Franchise Partner is undergoing training, you could begin advertising in their territory a week or two before they start so that they have customers to quote and service when they start.

You may also have existing work in outer-lying regions that are more difficult for you to service yourself, so you may give the franchisee that particular territory to get them started and work with them to build on their client base. This is a common reason why business owners choose to franchise. They have contracts or potential work in other regions, and the franchise model allows them to fulfil that work and grow their brand.

And then, finally, you may have multiple service vehicles out on the road already. You could bundle up a franchise package including vehicles, tools and equipment and an established territory with an existing customer base.

There are many different ways to transition into the franchise model without giving up all of your income, and we work with you on the best strategy for your business within your priority regions and territories