This topic really frustrates me, I often speak to business owners that Have been advised by a franchise consultant, mentor or ‘expert’ that to franchise their business successfully, they need to employ franchise managers and BDM’s from the get-go?

Unfortunately, this often results in the business owner being put off or postponing their franchising plans unnecessarily by this ‘sage’ advice from so-called experts that is far more applicable to larger businesses. When it comes to business, there is no substitute for experience learned from actually ‘doing’. So my first question would be to ask if they are speaking from personal experience of doing it themselves in a business that was a similar size.

The reality is that this type of additional head office resource likely won't be necessary until you have your first 5 – 10 franchisees on board. Remember that franchisees are responsible for the day-to-day running of the franchise. Once the initial training and onboarding are complete, franchisees will become more and more independent over time. The better the training, the faster this will happen.

You, as a business owner that has grown your business from the ground up, and worn many and all hats, are the right person to gauge at what stage your franchise network outgrows your head office resource and support capability. This should be an organic realisation over time, not a premature reaction to crystal ball gazing.

And as the business owner, I believe it is important that you involve yourself in the recruitment, onboarding and training of your first few franchisees at least. This will help you identify areas for improvement and to ensure your franchisees receive the right training needed to be set up for success.

In reality, you will likely need to employ additional administration support before your business needs franchise recruiters and trainers.

Our team have been where you are and grown successful businesses from the ground up before ultimately franchising. We would love you to get in touch and tell us what advice you have been given about franchising your business that ultimately put you off the idea.