Our Process

How We Work

  • Our simple approach to developing your unique franchise system, is to ensure we completely identify every task that your franchisees will undertake in the operation of their franchise. We are able to pinpoint any gaps in your operational procedures and work with you to develop strategies that strengthen your system and brand.
  • TMF is unique in that, following a series of discovery meetings and strategy sessions, our team begins work on your comprehensive franchise documentation in-house, rather than outsource to a third-party or provide you with generic templates to complete. This ensures all aspects of your business operations are tailored and represented accurately. In other words, we do all the work!

Who We Are

  • Our team has extensive experience working within established and start-up franchises, both at an operational and strategic level. It is this practical knowledge, that sets us apart and better positions us to develop your entire franchise system.
  • Developing your complete franchise system is just part of what we do, we are also committed to helping you go to market and sell your first franchises, so to further support your success we developed www.firstfranchise.co.nz  exclusively to connect prospective franchisees with your business.

Who We Work With

  • Small business owners
  • Individual operators
  • Start-ups at concept stage
  • Established businesses wanting to transition away from an employee model

Discovery – Weeks 1 - 4

  • We get to know your business through a series of discovery meetings and discussions which can involve key team members, business mentors and trusted advisors.
  • We talk through the many options you will need to consider and present our recommendations in structuring your franchise system.
  • Fee modelling is carried out combining market research findings with analysis of revenue projections and actual historical data.

Develop & Build the Manuals – Weeks 1 - 7

  • Franchise Operations Manual
  • Procedures Manual
  • Health & Safety Manual
  • Human Resources Manual
  • Document Storage Manual

Legal Documentation – Weeks 6 - 8

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Disclosure Document
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Go To Market

Following the development and completion of your franchise system, we now work with you for a further period, of no less than 6 months, to take your franchise to market. We coach you through the important process of franchisee recruitment, qualifying and on-boarding. Our team has first-hand experience across all areas of franchise sales including marketing strategy, understanding buyer motivation and brand positioning. 

We will;

  • Provide you with a launch marketing strategy
  • Include 6 months free listing on the www.firstfranchise.co.nz website 
  • Assist you through recruiting, screening and qualifying potential franchisees
  • Provide guidance around the preparation of all legal documentation
  • Guide you through the franchisee training and on-boarding processes
  • Provide training and support as required

Our Fee (Philosophy)

For too long franchising has been a growth model affordable only to large companies, our philosophy is to remove this barrier for small businesses, allowing them to benefit from the many advantages a franchise system delivers. We have not compromised on any aspects of developing a complete franchise system for our clients, in fact our documentation and support programme is amongst the most comprehensive in the market. Our competitive development fee is fixed, there are no hidden costs and our clients are able to choose from 3 affordable payment options, now making franchising accessible to many. Let’s discuss your franchise model today.

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